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Mark Wieczorek helped me immensely. He took care of everything and got my charge reduced, and also helped get me the lowest punishment possible. I could not have hoped for a better outcome. He is confident, intelligent, and uses all resources available to get his clients the best possible outcome. Thank you again Mr. Wieczorek.
Ryan Bonnot
Ryan Bonnot
05:15 10 Aug 19
Mark worked tirelessly on my case, and proved that his experience and dedication delivered the best case scenario for my trial. He was exceptional, and I highly recommend his representation for any defense need.
Jonathan Chapa
Jonathan Chapa
03:51 20 Jul 19
I couldn’t have asked for a better representative. I was in a very difficult situation and Mark helped me out of it. I’m confident the outcome couldn’t have been any better, and Mark deserves the credit.
Charlie Schickel
Charlie Schickel
15:09 18 Jul 19
It doesn’t get any better than Mark Wieczorek. From day 1 he was a calming source as I navigated through one of the most difficult times in my life. He was extremely knowledgeable and conducted himself professionally from start to finish, but did so with a sense of much needed compassion
Brooks Hall
Brooks Hall
21:47 16 Jul 19
Mark was exceptional! We couldn’t have asked for a better attorney to represent us. Any time we had questions he was quick to respond and attentive to our needs. He thoroughly explained what would be happening and what to expect before court. Living hours away from him, he still made us feel like we were just as important as anyone else. We highly recommend using Mark Wieczorek!
11:37 27 Jun 19
I'm not big on reviews because I take them with a huge grain of salt, but I had to do this one.Being new to the area, I had no knowledge of qualified attorneys, but I needed one and now! I asked friends and coworkers. They gave me leads and I followed them, from low end to high end. Each time I hung up the phone, I didn't get a good vibe. I sent a text to a very high established firm and they had someone from their "financial" end promise the world. Others took their sweet time getting back to me, while a few sounded as though I was their first case with no knowledge or confidence. I don't recall how I found Mark's site, but as soon as I started reading his bio, I thought either this guy is the real deal or a master b.s. artist. I had to call. It was after 7 pm. Most other law offices said closed on their sites. Mark (not a receptionist or whoever) answered on the 2nd ring. I could tell almost immediately he was the man! Confidence, knowledge, experience. He listened to my story and responded with best and worst case scenarios. He gave me his rate. Not the cheapest but far from the most expensive. By the time we hung up, I didn't really care about the rate. I new Mark was the right choice. I hired him basically on the spot. I had questions leading up to trial and Mark answered them quickly by phone or text.When the court date arrived, I showed up early, but Mark was already there, working on the prosecutor! At the end of the day, the results were far better than I had imagined! I could have easily spent 3 times the money and gotten less. If 5 stars is the maximum, I give Mark 10. If I ever need representation again, I'm only calling one guy. Thanks again, Mark!
bob koren
bob koren
23:35 05 Jun 19
I could not be more impressed with Mark Wieczorek. From the beginning he explained in great detail what he would do and what would be expected when we went to court. Any time I called or text Mark he was quick to reply. Although I know he represents many, he made me feel my case was on the front burner. I was expecting the worst, but he reassured me and the outcome was more than I could ever have expected. Mark's fees were more than reasonable. I could not be more pleased. I highly recommend Mark Wieczorek!
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson
15:41 17 May 19
I could not be more impressed with Mark Wieczorek. From the beginning he explained in great detail what he would do and what would be expected when we went to court. Any time I called or text Mark he was quick to reply. Although I know he represents many, he made me feel my case was on the front burner. I was expecting the worst, but he reassured me and the outcome was more than I could ever have expected. Mark's fees were more than reasonable. I could not be more pleased. I highly recommend Mark Wieczorek!
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson
00:59 24 Apr 19
Mark and his firm were so helpful with any and all questions and concerns I had day or night. He kept in contact though text which was nice in today's world and everyones busy schedules. His legal representaion was top notch and the outcome of my case I feel would not have gone as well as it did without his help and experience. I would highly recommend Mark and his firm to anyone in the western ohio region!
Katherine Wadle
Katherine Wadle
14:33 25 Feb 19
We the jury find the defendant not quilty (F1) 11 years. We the jury find the defendant not guilty (F3) 5 years. F4, F5, under PSI. He made the unbelievable believable. Mark gives his personal phone number and answered any text I sent with in 5 minutes. When I first met Mark he has an intimidating personality and he speaks with authority. He controls the court room just under the judge. The man has an IQ 150 or over. He went against a team of very aggressive prosecutors in a small town. I thought the system was going to fail me, but I am here speaking about it today. I am with my most important things in life my (FAMILY). I highly recommend him if you are need of an angle call Mark the wiz. I am just glad he was on my side it is an art just to watch him. He does not charge enough for what he does.. My up most respect to you Mark Wiescorek thank you, thank you, thank you... Highly recommended.... astonishing.
Gary Weaver
Gary Weaver
00:56 09 Feb 19
I would highly recommend Mark Wieczorek if you are in need of an attorney. He helped us very much in the resolution of a family matter. He was on top of every detail, and very responsive when we reached out to him. His knowledge of the law and legal process is outstanding. We knew what to expect every step of the way.
Dee Smith
Dee Smith
15:46 01 Feb 19
I have never taken the time to write a review before, but this was a must for me.While no one wishes to find themselves searching for a Criminal Defense Attorney, but if you do I would highly recommend Mark Wieczorek. I want to thank you Mark for all your hard work, dedication, experience, and your knowledge. I could not be more pleased. He is my first and only recommendation to my family and friends. (Hopefully they won't need him though)! He goes above and beyond. This man does not show up to court to lose.Sincerely, N. Leatham
Naomi Leatham
Naomi Leatham
23:22 02 Dec 18
Mr. Wieczorek was very professional and non-judgmental. He was very informative about our situation. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone that needs law help. Thank you Mark! We are very appreciative of your guidance.
Goose 24
Goose 24
21:39 11 Nov 18
Mark did a great job on my case. He was quick to respond to my messages and seemed genuinely interested in getting me the best possible outcome. He was fair and honest, highly recommended.
Kevin Stewart
Kevin Stewart
17:14 31 Oct 18
The Wieczorek Law Firm is the very definition of excellence, integrity and service before self. Mr. Wieczorek will work diligently to defend your rights without passing judgment and his background as a prosecutor lends him invaluable experience in the field of criminal defense. Mark Wieczorek is an honest man and never once gave me reason to believe otherwise. If you need criminal defense, choose this law firm. This law firm was able to represent a friend immediately , and the absolute best possible outcome was achieved with absolutely minimal hassle.
22:14 24 Oct 18
I cannot give high enough praise for the abilities and skills demonstrated by Mark Wieczorek in his representation of me. Attorney Wieczorek was keenly thorough in preparing for the presentation of my defense and greatly increased my confidence in a very difficult time. Attorney Wieczorek presented a strong and well planned defense resulting in a Not Guilty jury verdict in a case where the prosecution's witnesses were police officers and emergency response team members. Attorney Wieczorek took command of the courtroom from start to finish and won an absolute victory in an extremely difficult case where I had been advised by other counsel to plead guilty and hope for mercy. Attorney Wieczorek saved my life and I recommend him without reservation to any who require a highly skilled, intelligent, compassionate and experienced attorney.
Kira Esperante
Kira Esperante
18:03 11 Aug 18

A Client's Story

It has been almost a year since I drank last. Last year about this time, I drove drunk with my daughter in the car. A truly horrific action for anyone with a heart or brain. I took a major, unnecessary risk with my child and my child means everything to me. The situation could have turned incredibly bad. I could be mourning a death. For that miracle, I am truly grateful. I know I am an alcoholic and I see how little control I have when I am drinking. A year ago, I got off track, I relapsed. And it could have cost my child's life or someone else's. This is something I think about everyday. On June 22nd I entered private counseling and began attending AA. And on June 22nd of this year I will celebrate a year of sobriety with fizzy water and a cupcake! I am writing to you because I am truly grateful for your guidance in my legal matters. I was facing serious jail time and I could have been away from my family for a seriously long time. I am grateful that you believed in me enough to help negotiate a very minimum sentence. I am so very grateful that I was able to spend the last year with my family. I would have missed too many soccer games and swim meets and not been able to help with any homework or school projects. My sister is also 7 months pregnant now. If I was in jail, I would have never been able to hear my niece's heartbeat or go to doctor's appointments or feel my niece kick in my sister's belly. Thank you. Thank you for being a key aspect in my recovery and turn around. Without you, I would have never been able to put my life in the right direction. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do.


A Premier Criminal Defense Attorney

Mark Wieczorek has taken over 150 cases to trial. This includes appearances in multiple federal and state courts across the country. Our success in handling criminal defense cases comes from uncompromising principles directed at the investigation and understanding of the facts. We analyze all legal options and identify all potential outcomes before formulating a strategic defense plan that we aggressively and effectively execute on behalf of our clients.


Case Highlight

Client Investigated For Roadside Rape

Victim claimed she was passed out in vehicle
and awakened to client violently raping her.
Early intervention allowed our legal team to
secure the surveillance video from bar and
interview independent witnesses as to the
facts on the night in question. Consent defense
was initiated by our legal team resulting in



Case Highlight

FBI Arrest

Client arrested by the FBI with over
6 kilos of fentanyl. Indicted in Federal
Court in the Southern District of Ohio.
Potential sentence of 10 years to life
in prison and up to a $1,000,000 fine.
Through numerous motions and creative
lawyering, client only received



Case Highlight

Client Charged With Assault on a Police Officer

Client was charged with a First Degree Felony
for assault on a Police Officer and a
Third Degree Felony of Intimidation.
After a two day jury trial, the jury returned
a NOT GUILTY verdict on both charges.


Case Highlight

Police Officer was charged with OVI
and felony weapon while intoxicated
WHILE ON DUTY and was facing 18
months in prison, up to 5 year driver's
license suspension, and $2000+ in fines.







Case Highlight

Sexual Assault Accusation

Client was accused of sexual assault
after a college party. Our legal team's
early intervention and obfuscation of
the evidence resulted in


Case Highlight

Teacher for a local school district.

Allegations of a sexual relationship which
included intercourse with a student. Client
faced 5 years in prison for each instance
of contact. Plea negotiated whereby
client served 60 days in local jail and


Case Highlight

Sexual Accusation

Client was a step-parent accused of sexual
relationship with step child. Client indicted
on sexual battery charges and faced 5 years
in prison AND lifetime sex offender registration.
Plea reached resulting in client receiving



Case Highlight

Conviction Reversal

Client was convicted of four counts of
rape and gross sexual imposition.
Our team got the decision appealed
resulting in the client having



Case Highlight

Jury Trial

Client charged with domestic
violence and criminal damaging.
Case was tried by a jury receiving a


Cincinnati Criminal Defense Attorney

Brief Introduction

Mark Wieczorek returned to private practice as a criminal defense attorney in 2009. Mark has secured acquittals in dozens of felony and misdemeanor cases for charges ranging from drug possession and OVI to aggravated robbery, drug trafficking, arson, and rape. He has extensive experience with the discovery phase of criminal cases, which aids him in developing successful litigation strategies for his clients.

Mark's valuable experience provides the insight and vision necessary to understand how a client’s case will make its way through the court system. His prosecutory knowledge and training, allows him to analyze and assess each case to determine where the weak points of the State’s case are and how to best exploit them. In addition, he will identify his cases' strongest points, from a defense standpoint, and develop a theory of litigation to convey them to a judge or jury.

As a criminal defense attorney, Mark has successfully argued numerous motions to suppress based on probable cause to stop, probable cause to arrest, and violations of the defendant’s Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment rights. He has won numerous appeals pertaining to the Administration License Suspension and has had a number of field sobriety tests suppressed.

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