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A criminal record can follow you around for the rest of your life. It can interfere with your professional life, prevent you from getting jobs, restrict your housing options, and damage your reputation. Fortunately, some people may be able to have their criminal record sealed or expunged.

The Wieczorek Law Firm wants to help you rebuild your life after facing criminal charges, and consulting with an experienced Cincinnati criminal defense lawyer can help. We can discuss whether you may be eligible for expungement during a free case review.

What Is Expungement in Ohio and Its Legal Effect?

In Ohio, certain people are eligible to have their criminal record sealed. If their record is sealed, they do not have to disclose their arrest, charge, or conviction when they apply for a job. Most parties are unable to find records that have been sealed, though law enforcement and prosecuting authorities may still be able to access these records. Additionally, some employers can access sealed records, such as those who provide services to vulnerable populations. Sealed records must be disclosed when enlisting in the military.

Expungement Process in Ohio

Records are not usually automatically expunged. Instead, a person must apply to have their criminal record expunged. They must show they are eligible for expungement, which means they:

  • Must show the offense is not ineligible for expungement under Ohio law, which excludes several sex crimes, crimes of violence, or the operation of a motor vehicle
  • Have met the required waiting period to request expungement

There are many exceptions to the rules, so it can be confusing to determine whether you are eligible for expungement. Contact us and we can review your case.

Juvenile Expungements

Lawmakers understand that juvenile offenders may make mistakes in their youth but they do not want these mistakes to follow them around for the rest of their lives. A juvenile court can order records related to a juvenile case when the case is resolved if any of the following situations apply:

  • The case is resolved before a complaint is filed
  • The juvenile completes a diversionary program
  • The case is dismissed

Juveniles can apply to have their record sealed two years after the final disposition of their case.

Crimes of Violence Expungements

Not all crimes can be sealed, including many crimes of violence. Some crimes that cannot be sealed include:

  • Rape
  • Sexual battery
  • Gross sexual imposition
  • Most crimes of violence that are first-degree misdemeanors or felonies

It is important to keep in mind that expungement is completed through an application. The application can be denied. For this reason, it is important to work with an experienced lawyer who can review your case, determine if you are an eligible offender, and present your argument in the most compelling way possible. For more information on sex crimes, visit our Cincinnati sex crimes lawyer page.

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