DUI And Drugs in Cincinnati

Even if you have consumed no alcohol, it is possible to be charged with an OVI in Cincinnati, Ohio if you are under the influence of drugs. The officer may suspect that you are under the influence of drugs if your actions are inconsistent with those of an ordinary reasonable person. This would include: excessive talking, inability to comprehend, inability to follow instructions, and slow lethargic movements.

In addition, an officer may order you out of your vehicle in order to administer some standardized field sobriety tests. The officer is trained to detect and look for certain clues associated with each test. Those clues are linked, scientifically, to the likelihood that you would test over the legal limit if you submitted to a chemical test.

Ohio Revised Code lists statutory minimums that are established for a wide variety of drugs. Included in the list are marijuana, cocaine, and heroin among others. Thus, if the results of a urine or blood test indicate that you are over the legal limit for any of the drugs listed, or you have another drug in your system that has caused to be appreciably impaired, the officer will cite you for an OVI.

Keep in mind that driving is a privilege and not a right in Ohio. Under the “implied consent” law in Ohio, failure to take a chemical test when asked by law enforcement, will result in immediate suspension of your driver’s license for a period of no less than 1 year.

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