Drug Courts in Cincinnati

In some cases, an Ohio drug court may be offered as an alternative to serving time in prison for a drug crime. These courts are offered to the alleged offender as a rehab option designed to help treat their dependency on controlled substances. By participating in and completing a drug court program after contacting a Cincinnati criminal defense lawyer, you may be eligible for a full dismissal of or reduction in charges.

In order to qualify, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. The alleged offender has sufficient motivation for treatment or to change;
  2. The alleged offender is diagnosed with having a chemical dependency;
  3. The alleged offender meets Ohio’s sentencing guidelines for a presumption for probation; and
  4. The crime must be a felony offense of the 4th or 5th degree.

The following elements may disqualify you from presenting a case to the Ohio drug courts:

  1. The alleged charges are sexually oriented or violent;
  2. The alleged offender has multiple prior felonies;
  3. The alleged offender has prior convictions for drug trafficking; and
  4. The alleged offender has prior convictions for violent crimes

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