Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Finding the right criminal defense attorney to represent you or a family member is crucial. Criminal charges can have dire consequences if not handled correctly, so you want to make the choice that gives you the best possible chance for a favorable outcome. Let’s look at some of the most common mistakes people make when selecting a criminal defense attorney.

Choosing an Attorney Without Criminal Law Experience

It’s easy to wind up choosing a lawyer who has been in the family for years or was recommended by a friend. While all lawyers have a general understanding of the law, it is best to choose an attorney with specific knowledge and experience in criminal law.

Criminal law encompasses several criminal offenses, and each offense has specific regulations, fines and penalties. Depending on the charges against you, different strategies may be needed to build a formidable defense for your case. It is in your best interests to consult with a few criminal defense attorneys and choose a lawyer who specializes in the specific – or similar – offenses for which you are charged.

Choosing an Attorney from a Different State

Each state has different systems and regulations in place for handling criminal offenses. Procedures vary, not just in each state but also in each court. Courts within a state may differ in the policies used for handling different criminal offenses. One court may have a “no bail” policy on some violations while another court may not.

Your best strategy is to hire a criminal defense attorney who is licensed to practice law and is familiar with the state laws in the area the crime was committed. Local criminal defense attorneys know the prosecutors and police officers within their particular state. Such a network is advantageous when looking for additional information or making negotiations that may impact your case.

Not Asking Questions

It’s good to be assertive when looking for a criminal defense attorney. Ask questions about their experience dealing with similar charges. Do not shy away from asking about their certifications and their success rating. Criminal cases can be arduous to navigate, and it is imperative that you feel comfortable communicating with your lawyer from the beginning. They must share openly and honestly with you about their experience, credentials, and the proceedings of your case – good or bad. Before hiring a criminal defense attorney, you should feel comfortable discussing the details of your case, and they should be able to explain their proposed defense strategy clearly.

Focusing on Cost

Try to avoid searching for either the cheapest or most expensive lawyer you can find for your defense. While cost is a major deciding factor, it should not be the primary basis for your decision. Along with knowledge and experience, find a criminal defense attorney who is straightforward about their fees. Be sure to find out all the legal costs you are obligated to pay, such as:

  • Documentation fees
  • Hourly lawyer fees
  • Discovery fees
  • Court fees

Check if they have different modes of payment that can be tailored for your specific situation. You want to choose a reputable and experienced attorney who clearly outlines their fees and is within your budget.

Hire the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in Ohio

Mark Wieczorek is a licensed and experienced criminal defense attorney in Ohio. H has insight into how prosecutors think and has successfully tried cases to both a judge and jury. He is confident and dedicated in his pursuit of justice and treats his clients with the utmost courtesy and respect.

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