Driving Under OVI Suspension – Section 4510.14 

If you are convicted of operating a vehicle impaired (OVI) in Ohio, you may have your driver’s license suspended. If so, that means you are not allowed to legally operate a vehicle for any purpose in the state. Driving under OVI suspension can lead to numerous penalties and further suspension or revocation of your driving privileges. Call The Wieczorek Law Firm LLC today.

Understanding OVI Suspension Rules in Ohio

Under Ohio Revised Code Section 4510.14, driving under OVI suspension carries a number of potential penalties. Specifically, this law applies in situations where a person has had their operating privileges suspended under any of the state’s related codes, including 4511.19, 4511.191, or 4511.196 of the Revised Code or under section 4510.07 of the Revised Code. You are not allowed to operate any type of motor vehicle on public highways or roads within the suspension period.

If you do, you face a first-degree misdemeanor. This type of charge can lead to numerous penalties, including:

  • A mandatory jail term of 3 consecutive days or 30 days of house arrest, depending on the situation (with electronic monitoring)
  • A fine of $250 fine to $1,000
  • License suspension or revocation
  • Immobilization of your vehicle for 30 days (impoundment of 30 days of license plates on the vehicle)
  • Requirement of performing community service

In situations where you have been convicted of a similar crime in the previous six years, you may be faced with additional charges, including an upgrade to a misdemeanor of the first degree. That can lead to additional jail time (of 10 consecutive days and up to 1 full year in jail).

Ohio’s OVI suspension rules are serious and should be considered a significant implication of your ability to work, go to school, or otherwise engage in activities. If you are able to get your license back, it could take a year or more, and then you may be required to pay a substantial fee.

Working with a Defense Attorney May Help You

If you are facing suspension of your driver’s license for OVI, your first step should be to work with an attorney who can provide you with support in avoiding this conviction, if at all possible. If your license is already suspended, an attorney may be able to help you to appeal that decision or may help you to fight additional punishments if you were driving with the suspended license.

Some people need to be able to drive to go to work or school because they have no other means of transportation. If that applies in your situation, work with your attorney to show the court this need exists and to petition for reinstatement of your license. Doing that before being charged with driving under OVI suspension is ideal.

In all situations, driving under OVI suspension is a serious crime that carries long-term implications. Work with a criminal defense attorney who can help you fight those charges and, in some situations, work to get your license back so you can drive without worry.