Criminal Law Overview

If you have been charged with a crime in Cincinnati, Ohio, chances are, you are thinking about the repercussions and collateral consequences of a criminal conviction on your record. Criminal charges, regardless of how “minor” they may seem, require immediate attention.

As a former Hamilton County Prosecutor and Hamilton County Public Defender, we understand how the state prepares criminal cases and are able to identify and exploit weaknesses in the state’s case, which can result in a dismissal or reduction in charges, or to minimize penalties. We have appeared in over 60 courts in Ohio on cases ranging from minor misdemeanor speeding charges up to felonies of the first degree.

Criminal laws are complex and are ever changing. Sentences for a conviction can include: jail, reporting probation, inpatient treatment programs, driver’s license suspensions and hefty fines.

There are many other concerns outside of those sanctions imposed by the court. A criminal conviction can affect a wide range of people. Including: professionals, students, individuals with professional licenses, holder’s of a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and non-citizens. What may be seem like a mere mistake or “no big deal” for some, to others it may carry consequences that can be disastrous.

Many felony crimes and even DUI and misdemeanors, can lead to losing professional licenses, discipline at school or work and even deportation for those with an immigration status. WE, Cincinnati criminal lawyers, WILL AGGRESSIVELY FIGHT to get the best outcome available for you. This includes plea negotiations, suppression motions, or TRIAL BY JUDGE OR JURY. We will not stop until each and every avenue available to you has been exhausted, all evidence has been analyzed and all your questions have been answered.

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